Weight loss is a waiting game

Regarding weight loss.

The body is a precoded, heuristic, carbon-based biological machine. In every aspect, it works, learns, and heals on a priority-based protocol.

That being said, when you begin a plant-based or healthy lifestyle, the first thing your body is going to work on is your damaged organs, your dirty blood, and all of the toxins and disease.

As a result of repairing and healing these parts and aspects, what will eventually happen is your outside will return to its own equilibrium.

No diet supplement, not even healthy food makes you lose weight.

Supplements like herbs, oils, and alkaline water REPAIRS and HEALS your organs, which in turn permits the removal of the symptoms in your toxic body (fat, sick, and dying).

Your unhealthy body is an asymptomatic presentation of worn-down organs and organ failure.

Healed or functioning organs, blood and bones are reflected in a healthy body.

About the author: Malik El-Shabbazz
Natural is Beautiful
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