Encapsulated Herbal Blends


Although Shabbazz Organics is pro-herbs and anti-pharma, the reality is we live in a world where pharma is as necessary as herbs. The diseases and disorders that exist in modern times are so intense, so integrated into the human body system, taking herbs alone to treat, heal, or cure would take a lot longer if pharma didn’t exist.

That being said, I support that idea to use pharma as minimally as possible if at all. If pharma is necessary, I support the use of them in conjunction with natural or organic herbs until the body is able to function without the need of pharma.

Even minimally, pharma’s side effects are as toxic to the body as the dysfunction happening IN the body.

Lastly, If you are prescribed pharma by a doctor, PLEASE DO NOT STOP TAKING THEM or substitute herbs (alone) as an alternative medication. In this case, use the herbs as a CAM – complementary alternative medicine. until you can safely stop the pharma.


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