Elektra CBD 1/2oz

$40.00 or $40.00 $37.20 every 2 weeks for 12 weeks

A real smoker’s delight, Elektra CBD is potentially one of the most uniquely flavorful CBD strains available. With a particularly intense terpene profile, Elektra is the type of strain that we can see gaining cult status before long. This strain will make a perfect match for you if you’re looking for a potent daytime strain that will help you feel calm and relaxed without sending you to sleep.

With particularly uplifting and light effects, Elektra is great for social situations and many users report feeling more talkative with no paranoia while smoking it. The Elektra CBD strain offers an overall great experience that will certainly have you coming back for more. This uplifting CBD strain comes in perfectly rolled joints of .75 grams each. Elektra CBD is currently only available as pre-rolls.

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