Orders Payments and Tracking

Here are some of the most asked questions regarding orders, payments, and tracking.

What if I need to modify my order?

Once your purchase is confirmed, the process to get your order to you moves very fast. We urge your make certain of your order before you buy because sometimes your order could be on the way to the post office as fast as one hour!

What if I need to change my shipping address?

You have up until your package is given to the post office to change your shipping address through Shabbazz. However, you are given a tracking number, with that number, you can visit the USPS website and they offer an option for you to divert your shipment to an alternate address. Fees may apply.

Can I get same day delivery?

If you are local to the Houston area, it is possible to get your package on the same day. Otherwise, the fastest your package can arrive is next day - if you need to have something shipped next day, Shabbazz will have to charge you for the postage.

What are my payment options other than the checkout?

While it is recommended you use our standard shopping cart for the most secure purchases, if you want to opt for Zelle or Cash App, You may use those options, but you will need to contact Shabbazz and give the correct shipping address. 

CashApp: $malikheru

Zelle: 832-267-4495

Can I pay by check?

We love our customers, but we will not accept payments by check or money orders. All payments must either be cash or digital.

Can I pay by Western Union or MoneyGram?

Western Union and MoneyGram is accepted however we would prefer CashApp or Zelle.

CashApp: $malikheru

Zelle: 832-267-4495

If I don't like the product I ordered, can I return it?

Shabbazz does not accept returns for any product. In the event you are not satisfied with a product, please contact Malik and discuss the issue. while a return is not an option, there may be the option to remake and resend another blend of the same blend. however you will incur the cost of shipping.

What happens if my shipment never arrive?

To verify that your purchase was shipped and is in route, all shipments will have a tracking number. If something happens to your package and it can be shown on the tracking report that the USPS lost, mishandled, or for some other reason never delivered your package, Shabbazz will reship you new package immediately. 

Can I get a discount if I ship the container back to Shabbazz for a refill?

All of the containers used by Shabbazz are sterilized using purified hot water and alcohol. Once a container leaves Shabbazz, it will not be allowed to be reintroduced. Please do not send any container back, it will be thrown away immediately. 


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