Is That Drink What You Need?

Drinking alcohol is one thing, but being unable to stop drinking alcohol, or drinking alcohol at inappropriate times is another thing.

Alcoholism is a self-destructive behavior that starts out as a sociable choice or a coping mechanism that becomes a habit which in time becomes uncontrolled. Alcoholism is not just isolated to excessive or binge drinking, but there are behaviors associated with drinking that also cause negative perceptions and lead to unwanted outcomes.

Alcoholism eventually takes a toll on a user’s reputation, relationships, and especially their personal body.

it is the personal health that Shabbazz is concerned about when it comes to alcoholism and other addictions. How the habit affects the body, and how to repair the damage.

The herbal blends that I make are formulated to repair damaged organs, stop cravings, and soften the pain and discomfort associated with withdrawals.

Am I against drinking alcoholic beverages? No, however, I do believe that there are some drinkers who have for many reasons more susceptible to uncontrollable urges to drink with the purpose of drinking until their body is unable to take any more.

With a good support team, a professional recovery plan, and a safe regiment of herbs, the alcoholic or the substance user can beat their addiction.

I offer three formulas to help in the addiction recovery process;


These formulas are designed to help the recovery process and can be taken as they are named, but each formula is also beneficial to the body during relapses or sober.

Alcoholism Support Herbs

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