Grow a Garden

In this pandemic, staged or not, a lot of businesses are falling to the wayside. a lot of people are losing their livelihood, a lot of people are going hungry.
When I was in the military we were taught that a lot of people die in the wild with the solution to save them nearby.
in the case of food shortages, why are you relying on the grocery store to have your foods in stock when you are literally walking on the very solution to your food shortage?
grow a garden, join a co-op and grow vegetables to trade, sell, and eat.
most of the shit in the stores didn’t come from the ground, it’s that shit that’s trash anyway – we are living in a time where earth food is a matter of life and death and store-bought food is a luxury that’s literally making you sick.
Your garden doesn’t have to be this pretty, but a clean garden WILL grow the best food.