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Fungus Reality

We Are ALL Infected and Affected With and By Fungus

Each one of us is infected with fungi of different sorts. exposure to these spores combined with pre-existing illnesses or diseases and/or poor hygiene and a lack of immune-boosting foods (green vegetables and alkaline water), will breed these fungi until they start to use your body as a breeding ground.

Fungi grow as plants grow in the earth – in the case of fungus, they are able to grow under a wider set of conditions that include the human body.

It is impossible to avoid fungi attaching itself to your body, so, the best thing we can do to avoid them taking root is to keep our body hygienically clean, sterile, and sanitized as physically possible. eat and drink as clean as possible, and understand certain environments breed spores looking for a host to breed.

Warm, moist, and unwashed areas are fertile ground for fungi. places on the body that secret toxins from the organs are like pheromones for fungal spores.

wash, wash, wash, consume clean things, and avoid toxic environments. –

Smudge your home and areas as much as you can with herbs like sage, mugwort, and other leafy organics to kill and ward off these bad spores (mold in the house is a bad fungus).


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