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Black Skin is Beautiful! We can ALL agree, Black is beautiful! There is no question, that when we are walking down the street or passing someone of especially dark, melenated skin in the hallway at work or school, we do double-takes; especially if that beautiful Black person has taken care of their skin!

Beyond the beauty factor, Black skin is designed to benefit from the environment as well as be used as a form of protection from the harmful elements of the environment.

We all know what melanin is, or rather what it looks like, but can we really explain it beyond “it gives us our skin complexion.”

Melanin is the natural substance that gives color or pigment to the skin, hair and iris of the eye. Cells called melanocytes, located just below the outer surface of the skin, produce melanin, which is in higher levels in people with darker skin. Melanin’s primary function is to protect the skin from sun damage, but it carries additional benefits that are enjoyed mostly by those with darker skin.

Melenated people remain younger in appearance than their less melenated peers because of the higher levels of melanin in their skin. The increased melanin protects those who have it from short-term damage from the sun, as well as the long-term signs of aging, such as age spots, deep wrinkles and rough texture.

Melanin protects the body from free radicals (pollutants) by holding moisture on the skin that acts as a barrier (like water does on a duck’s back).

The largest organ on the human body is the skin. Melanin therefore is a total protectorate of the body, however, like any organ in the body, if we don’t take care of it, it will ultimately fail and make us vulnerable to free radicals and other harmful elements that are both natural and man-made.

Shabbazz Organics butters are made with four primary ingredients (shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut and essential oils). each of these ingredients are naturally designed to improve all skin (melenated and non-melenated), but the benefits of these ingredients are scientifically proven to work best with melanated skin.

When these four ingredients are blended together, the hair, skin, and feet protection value rises exponentially.

When we take for granted our good skin, all of the benefits that come with it are gradually lost with it. Water is the perfect natural moisturizer for melenated skin, but with today’s dietary habits, the strength of our melanin is being affected from the inside, weakening its ability to resist outside forces. Shabbazz Organics products boosts the skin’s ability to protect itself by keeping it moisturized longer and providing the skin with a luster that make people take a second look at what nature has given you.

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