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Shabbazz Organics Black Healers

I’m going to sleep early tonight. I want to leave you with this. Metal is all around us, floating in the air on all kinds of other things floating around.

These things are pollutants, commonly referred to as free radicals.

We breathe in these pollutants and our bodies absorb them into our bloodstream.

These pollutants can’t be processed so they travel through the circulatory system building up into something called plaque.

As plaque builds up it gets heavier, denser, and eventually hard as concrete.

This plaque likes to buildup in blood vessels making them smaller and smaller.

The smaller the blood vessel the higher the blood pressure becomes as the heart is working harder to push down the tubes.

Plaque is dangerous and can cause death by an aneurysm. Heart disease, diabetes, and ten other diseases you won’t like nor have to live with or die from.

High blood pressure will kill you! It wouldn’t just stop your heart from working, that’s not how high blood pressure works.

As the heart tries to keep up with organ and cell demand, the heart starts making the hard decision of determining what is essential and what is not AS essential.

The liver, kidneys, eyes, skin, all organs start starving.  A starving organ is an organ shutting down.  No organ can afford to be shut down.  We see symptoms of organ failure all over the body.

  • Fatigue
  • ED
  • depression
  • Hair loss
  • 100’s of other symptoms.

We try to live with these symptoms by taking pharmaceuticals which only further tax our organs.

How can you reverse this damage? Yes, it can be reversed.

The OLDEST FOOD ON EARTH is seafood. No, not shrimp, fish, or oysters; I mean sea moss, spirulina, chlorella, and other algae.

Algae has all the nutrients you need. They attach themselves to free radicals and flush themselves out in urine snot, sweat, defecate.

As the algae eat through the circulatory system, blood pressure drops, organs are fed, cells are fed, the brain is fed, weight is lost, normalcy.

You can get spirulina and chlorella anywhere, but I make capsules!! Two a day every day will be better for you than blood pressure pills, better for you than diabetic medicine, better for you than the statins that control your cholesterol.

You can take back your health.

Good night.

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