We are Shabbazz Organics, We make Butters, Oils, Herbs, Hygiene, Fashion, and offer Consultation

Online Consultations

Online Consultations means we will listen to your issue or questions and do all the research to help you find the best organic solution currently available. We will then send you an easy to read response that will include an appropiate solution.

100% All Natural Products

Shabbazz Organics will never use unnatural ingredients in our blends. No chemicals, additives, or GMO. When we say we are 100% organic and all natural, we mean 100%, not 99%; 100% or we don’t sell it.

Free Shipping in the U.S.

All of our products ship for free (US Only). We ship all products via USPS. Our products usually arrive within three business days. As soon as your order is ready for shipping, we delivery it to the post office.

Adamu Male Enhancements

We are guaranteed a safe, stable product whose formula does not deviate without prior notification and detailed data is provided for every deviation. Both Adamu products are 100% effective and will provide you with the means to perform for an extended period of time.

We appreciate your trust in our products!
We promise to never give you any reason to doubt us.

Why are our products so effective when other products are so ineffective? What are we doing that the others are not doing?

Shabbazz Organics Pure Products

We use real, organic ingredients and nothing else. When you use our blends, you are using 100% natural product.

Shabbazz Organics No Filler

With no fillers or additives to get in the way of the process, our products can get to work to do what its supposed to do.

Shabbazz Organics Pesticide Free Products

Unnatural chemicals are used to extend the life of a product, cut the amount of product per unit, or change or increase the range of its effectiveness. We won’t do any of that.

Fresh Ingredients

We do not stockpile our product. We keep in stock enough material to keep us ordering new product so that our customers can always have the best, freshest, most effective ingredients.