I am Malik Heru El-Shabbazz, CEO of Shabbazz Organics

I am very proud of Shabbazz Organics. What it has become since its inception is an apothecary, butter factory, herbal center, health database, and a resource for other health-related information on issues that written in easy formats for everyone to understand. I plan to continue to expand Shabbazz Organics and I hope you all are with me the whole way.
Shabbazz Organics Butter

Butter Blends

Blended shea butter for skin, hair, feet and all of their associated issues.

Shabbazz Organics Herbal Medicine

Herbal Blends

I make herbal blends for every occasion and season. You tell me what your concern is, and I’ll make a solution.

Incense Oils

Scented Blends

Whatever scent appeals to you, I can make a long lasting blend for you wear or burn.

Liquid Medicine

Liquid Blends

Herbs take too long? Want an extract instead? I make powerful herbal extracts including tinctures, syrups, tonics, and teas

All Shabbazz blends are made with 100% organic, natural, Non-GMO, No pesticides, additives, or other chemicals. Every blend is 100% what we say it is. 

Malik Heru El-Shabbazz