Monthly Archives: September 2021

Shabbazz Organics Topical Pain Relief

Shabbazz Organics topical pain relief is most frequently used for muscles and joints as a natural pain reliever. It is excellent as an anti-inflammatory and has many uses as a general pain reliever. Shabbazz Organics topical pain relief is a pretty unique substance, so let’s go over how to properly apply Shabbazz Organics topical pain […]

RIP Sister Najmah “Starr” Oshun Grant

Sister Najmah "Starr" Oshun Grant

Najmah “Starr” Oshun Grant (STILL IS), one of my best friends. Her fight against cancer took its toll. Najmah played a pivotal role in my early life. Without her intervention in my path, I probably wouldn’t have made it through the ’90s. Her whole family took me in and helped to raise my consciousness. For […]

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